Major Crimes S05E05

Major Crimes S05E05

Major Crimes    13 Aug 2012

N/A 60 min

IMDB: 7.6/10 7,626 votes

Major Crimes When "The Closer" came to a close, doors opened for the detectives in the Los Angeles Police Department's Major Crimes Division, with the biggest opportunity presented to Capt. Sharon Raydor. The captain is now the boss, taking over a department that hasn't forgotten her history of internal investigations targeting them and their former boss, Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson. As Raydor attempts to mend fences and gain the trust and confidence of her detectives -- her biggest foe ...

Arrow S04E23

Arrow S04E23

Arrow    10 Oct 2012

TV-14 42 min

IMDB: 8.1/10 265,881 votes

When presumed-dead billionaire playboy Oliver Queen returns home to Starling City after five years stranded on a remote island in the Pacific, he hides the ways the experience has changed him. As he reconnects with those closest to him, including his sister, Thea, Oliver appears to be the same wealthy, carefree bachelor they've always known. At night, flanked by his devoted friend, Diggle, Oliver uses his secret persona -- that of a vigilante -- to right societal wrongs and transform ...